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Lightweight Rally Navigation Support


Lightweight Rally Navigation Support

Discover the full potential

Discover the full potential of your enduro motorcycle with the innovative RAVEN light mounting and navigation system available exclusively from motorallybike.com! Our product was created with rally enthusiasts in mind. Thoughtful and ergonomic will allow you to navigate efficiently in the field. Lightweight and rigid construction will allow you to guide your motorcycle with confidence.

RAVEN is a concept that allows for the easy transformation of an enduro motorcycle into a fully-fledged rally bike. An ideal solution for riders seeking a compact alternative tailored for European rallies.

Perfect Fit

RAVEN's design is a harmonious whole enclosed within the contours of your motorcycle. The aesthetics of the product go hand in hand with its functionality. Your enduro does not lose the qualities of lightness and portability.

State-of-the-art lighting

High-quality approved lighting not only guarantees excellent visibility but also enhances safety and performance, particularly in challenging off-road conditions where visibility is crucial. Superior lighting technology contributes to an overall improved driving experience, making navigation through tough terrains more efficient and secure.

Torsion shock absorber

The ability to mount a steering shock absorber is another advantage of this product. The shock absorber allows stable handling of the motorcycle in difficult terrain. A great addition is a professional product from Scotts Performance, which is available at motorallybike.com

Rally or travel dashboard

Complementing the product is a navigation kit from Portuguese manufacturer F2R. The way it is mounted allows for fast and efficient navigation during racing. We have prepared a solution for all tablet users, which is a specially prepared board with a fast RAM mount, which will provide comfortable navigation in the field.

Accessory Mounting Plates

Using the dedicated mounting plates, you can effortlessly mount your Garmin, Stella, or any other device provided by Navigation Rally Organizers without restrictions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality for a variety of navigation tools during your rally experience.

Integrated Solutions

Within the product range of motorallybike.com, you'll discover all the essential accessories to tailor your motorcycle to your preferences. These include items such as steering dampers, fuel tanks, brake discs, guards, brake lines, electrical system components, and footrests.

Tested by a professional

Our kit has proven itself in several challenging navigation rallies across Europe and has been appreciated by many users, including, among others, an accomplished rally motorcyclist with extensive experience gained in numerous navigation rallies, including participation in several Dakar Rallies.

Easy installation and disassembly

The RAVEN assembly is straightforward and does not require any modifications to the motorcycle's structure. The mounting method allows for quick assembly and disassembly. If, for any reason, you decide that you need the motorcycle for enduro purposes (training, sale), you can easily restore it to its original condition.

If you have any uncertainties regarding technical details or fitment

Service and Quality Assurance

Our Raven construction is proudly manufactured in Poland, providing us with real-time oversight of the product's quality throughout its production. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are also an authorized service center for Scotts Performance and F2R devices, ensuring comprehensive support for your equipment needs.


RAVEN navigation support has demonstrated its robustness and reliability through extensive testing in major European off-road races, including the Hellas Rally, Dinaric Rally, and Balkan Offroad Rallye. These prestigious events serve as rigorous proving grounds for navigation systems, and RAVEN has consistently excelled in guiding competitors through challenging terrains and diverse landscapes. Its performance in these main European races attests to its effectiveness, ensuring accurate route guidance and reaffirming its capability to navigate seamlessly in demanding off-road conditions.

Complete Project builds

Transform your motorcycle project into reality with our assistance. We guide you through the configuration and selection of equipment and products, facilitating a comprehensive motorcycle conversion. Entrust us with your standard motorcycle, and watch it transform into your dream version.